Russian warship approaches Hawaii ominously

The Russian warship continued to move towards the Hawaiian Islands, despite the appearance of US Navy ships.

After the Russian warship Karelia unexpectedly appeared near the Hawaiian Islands last week, carrying on board a huge amount of electronic and electronic reconnaissance equipment, as well as electronic countermeasures, it became known that the American military aimed at intercepting the Russian ship the ships could not prevent the Russian sailors from continuing to move towards Hawaii. This forced the United States to urgently curtail the planned missile tests for the missile defense system.

"The US military is tracking a Russian spy ship in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii," officials confirmed today. "The US Indo-Pacific Command is monitoring a Russian vessel in international waters off the Hawaiian Islands," said Major Rob Martins, a spokesman for the Indo-Pacific Command. “As part of our normal daily operations, we closely monitor all vessels in the Indo-Pacific region using naval patrol aircraft, surface ships and joint assets. We act in accordance with international maritime and air law to ensure that all nations can do the same, without fear and rivalry, to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region. ", according to Stars & Stripes.

It is noteworthy that, according to some reports, the United States intended to test missiles for the missile defense system at the end of January, however, given that last year the tests were disrupted, according to the United States, due to the appearance of the Russian ship "Karelia" nearby, ongoing testing also had to be postponed.

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How about "threatening"? They threatened with fists, took off their pants?

So what? Russian ships defend freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region, why are you alarmed? And this is not a "spy ship", but a peaceful military vessel watching the migration of crabs.

And what can you approach without threatening and wagging your tail?