Missile cruiser


Russian warship armed with supersonic missiles seen 6 kilometers from the UK Air Force base

The largest Russian missile cruiser approached the British Air Force base.

One of the largest British military air bases in the Mediterranean was under the sights of the missiles of the Russian cruiser Marshal Ustinov. As it turned out, the Russian warship, armed with 16 Vulkan anti-ship missiles and 64 missiles of the S-300 air defense missile system, reached a distance of only 6 kilometers from the Royal Air Force base in the south of Cyprus.

According to information available to the Avia.pro news agency, the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov deliberately followed to the area of ​​the British military airbase, which also includes F-35 fighters. At the same time, the warship subsequently sailed to the port of Limassol, although the purpose of its appearance here remains for certain unknown. Experts, in turn, believe that the Russian missile cruiser was a kind of warning that the Mediterranean Sea is not limited to the presence of only members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to some reports, a Russian warship may take part in conducting exercises off the coast of Syria or it will ensure the visit of the Russian leader to Israel, however, so far no official comments have been submitted by the Russian Northern Fleet on this subject.

Analysts, in turn, do not exclude that the Russian air defense systems installed on board the cruiser may try to "probe" the British F-35 if the latter will fly into the air in the coming days.