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Russian warship entered the deployment zone of the US aircraft carrier strike group

A Russian military reconnaissance ship entered the deployment zone of the US aircraft carrier group.

A few hours ago, the Russian military intelligence ship "Vasily Tatishchev" passed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. At the moment, it is known that a Russian warship, which is armed with a large number of electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare, has entered the deployment zone of an American aircraft carrier strike group.

According to information available to the news agency, the Russian military intelligence ship Vasily Tatishchev is heading east. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the ship is not armed with fire weapons, the only exceptions are anti-aircraft guns, it is closely monitored, not only by NATO ships, but also by means of patrol aircraft.

The purpose of the visit of the Russian military reconnaissance ship "Vasily Tatishchev" to this region remains unknown, since there were no official comments on this matter, however, experts do not exclude that it is just about tracking the American aircraft carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier "Harry Truman”, because not so long ago it was announced that the latter could be in the area to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event of an assault on Donbass, since the Tomahawk cruise missiles in service with warships could well reach the eastern part of Ukraine.

maybe he has something

Not all of them near our shores stir up water.

In the event of a war, this large trough "Harry Truman" will be destroyed immediately, because he has no weapons.

Under it and next to it are a couple of submarines

In the event of a war, this trough will be destroyed immediately, because it has no weapons.

and who will touch this ship ??? who has the courage. But the capabilities of this ship are simply huge.

I respect!!! Finally! They shake our nerves, and we them. Fine. Tired of explaining. With them it is necessary their methods. By the way; There is a rumor that the US is preparing to attack England.

I certainly understand patriotism and all that. But alone, on someone else's territory. Suicide.

Swim and surface more there, well done

In the event of an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donbass, the fire support of the AUG will be suppressed in the bud. Well done!

Guys, without fear and reproach! At least seven feet under the keel!

No problem, it's neutral waters.



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