Robot Spy Stone


Russian military robot spy stone found on Aliexpress for 7 thousand rubles

In China, a Russian robot - a spy in the form of a stone - was ridiculed - it was found on Chinese trading floors for only 7 thousand rubles.

A few days ago, the Russian Armed Forces demonstrated a unique development that allows you to monitor the enemy without giving away your position.

The robot is shaped like a rock and it is virtually impossible to distinguish it from real rock - it allegedly took three years of development.

Nevertheless, in the Chinese media, the Russian revolutionary development was ridiculed - it turned out that the platform can be bought on the Chinese trading platform Aliexpress for only 7000 rubles. More budget options with a similar design can be purchased for 6000 rubles.

On the presented video frames, you can see a unique Russian development, however, judging by the individual structural elements of the spy robot, it completely resembles a robot sold on Aliexpress.

It is possible that the Russian military used the basic platform, only adapting it to the needs of the military (disguise, the presence of a video camera, increased autonomy of work, etc.), however, this has already led to ridicule on social networks.

The exact cost of the development of the robot stone is not specified, however, taking into account the long-term development, we can talk about several tens of millions of rubles.

Can't you see the bottom there already?

He can only drive on a level surface.
And in the fields, it will immediately fall on its side or turn over.

What are you writing laudatory speeches here, it's a shame, a disgrace, kids collect such a robot on Arduino, what zircons they boast about which they made in the USSR. They wrote another billion in their pockets.

And it’s not destiny to take a closer look? Not even close. At first glance, all rollers are the same for real tanks. Well, wherever you spit, you will definitely get into the "expert".

And nuclear missiles, too, are $ 32 apiece.

Author, what millions of rubles? The cadets did everything for free.

this was used about 15 years ago. Now it's funny to some, huh?

I wonder how much Iskander and Su 57 cost on Ali

God forbid that they fall on your head

If the "Zircons" are from there, what's stopping you from buying a couple? ... Alpine begging

Everything is correct. Why reinvent the wheel? On the Ukrainian military "developments", for example, the local military-industrial complex officials set eyes from the intercoms from the local market ... The task of making a motor with wheels on a single platform was not set. The task was somewhat different and it was completed. Made for inexpensive. If it is necessary at a high price, then for this there is the DARPA Agency in the SGA (in my opinion). All the same, this is a piece development, some kind of mass character, like Ukrainian tanks with intercom video peepholes, is not supposed

Do you want to believe?

we can talk about several tens of millions of rubles ===== you offend.

Zircons are at least real: D

Here are the Zircons from there.