Ship Sharpy


Russian warship did not get hit by Ukrainian military

The Russian patrol ship did not come under fire from the ships of Ukraine and NATO.

A few hours ago, the press service of the Ukrainian Navy announced that the Russian military patrol ship had violated a closed zone in which artillery and rocket firing was conducted by the Ukrainian and NATO naval ships, creating a dangerous situation. However. As it became known, in fact, the ship "Sharp-witted" did not come under fire from the Ukrainian and Western military.

As it turned out, the information provided by the Ukrainian military does not really correspond - the Russian warship was indeed not far from the zone of the conducted exercises, but did not enter the closed area.

“As the press service of the fleet declares, the message of the Ukrainian Navy about allegedly entering the patrol ship“ Sharp ”in the restricted area of ​​the Sea Breeze-2019 maneuvers is not true. It is noted that the Russian ship monitors the actions of NATO ships in order to quickly respond to possible abnormal situations threatening civilian navigation. ”- Interfax reports, citing data from the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“Obviously, Ukraine specifically created a provocation in the presence of NATO military to demonstrate the alleged Russian aggression”, - said the analyst