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Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-SM-SV" was many times better than the Israeli "Iron Dome"

Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-SM-SV" turned out to be much better than the Israeli air defense system "Iron Dome".

Despite the fact that the Israeli Iron Dome complexes manage to successfully intercept missiles launched on their territory, the effectiveness of these complexes is only about 40%. According to experts, in order to intercept targets, the Israeli military needs to release 2-3 times more missiles, while the Russian Pantsir-SM-SV air defense missile system, armed with 24 anti-aircraft guided missiles, can single-handedly repulse a massive enemy strike ...

“Each missile in the Pantsir-SM-SV ammunition is almost guaranteed to be shot down from an air target, not to mention the fact that the complex is armed with a cannon, which also effectively works against air targets. The Israeli complex "Iron Dome", also known as the "Iron Dome", fires 2-3 times more missiles in order to at least come close to the successful defeat of missiles ", - the expert marks.

According to analysts, one area fully equipped with Pantsir-SM-SV air defense systems can easily repel attacks using hundreds of missiles, which, by the way, on a somewhat smaller scale, has already been demonstrated in Syria, when at the Russian military airbase Khmeimim "Produced dozens of missiles and rockets, but all of them were successfully shot down by the Pantsir-S complexes, while the Pantsir-SM-SV version is even better adapted to repel enemy missile attacks.

The dome is designed to intercept simple missiles flying in the ballistic and in the 120 ° sector and from the known side. The carapace works both for maneuverable targets at 360 ° and in motion, which is much more difficult, so it is not entirely correct to compare.

The "Pantsir" has a more advanced technique, and the dome is more antediluvian.

The reality is that Israel is technologically more powerful than the Palestinians and Iranians, the Lebanese. The Israeli army is disciplined, trained and mobilized. Israel is the technology of the EU and the United States, and the Arabs are basement shopkeepers, which where they stole, then they adjusted it. Cowboys vs. Indians. Under equal conditions, the iron dome may not be iron

Not SMOG to shoot down only 900, but shot down 900. Feel the difference. Those that fly into the sea and the desert will only shoot down not very smart warriors. Dome efficiency from 80 to 95%. This is a fact that has once again been confirmed by the current conflict. Out of several thousand missiles hit at least a few. The 40% efficiency declared in the article are grandmother's tales for sofa experts.


Does the carapace seem to me to be a slightly different weapon? Or am I wrong?

The iron dome is tuned so that it does not shoot down missiles flying past the target, such as into the desert. This way they significantly save ammunition. Shell has no such function.

According to various, unconfirmed reports, the Turks lost up to 33 shock and reconnaissance UAVs in these battles. According to the Lostarmour website, there are nineteen Bayraktars, three Anka-Ss and several homemade drones from PNS workshops in Tripoli, with clear photo and geolocation confirmations. Turkish Anadolu reported the destruction of nine Russian-made air defense missile systems in Libya.

Repulsed the impact of 2800 missiles, is it like firefighters - extinguishing by the method of complete burnout? About Pantsir-S1 ... Well, it is actually intended for layered air defense, in conjunction with tori and s-300/400. And not for standing in an open field without disguise. Yes, and the slavery from the frigates of the Turks works, as long as a more powerful slave was not used against them.

Israel shot down 90-95% of all missiles flying towards residential areas, everything that flew into the desert did not even try, for what? The quote about 40% efficiency, except for this resource, is not found anywhere else, that is, an invention without evidence. The same applies to damage and victims, among which old women stumbled over the curb.

Well, in Israel, the air defense is under the cover of fighter aircraft, and the Shell, as a rule, fights in an open field with superior enemy forces. And they use the Shells incorrectly, you need to use them in a group. Relatively speaking, there are 12 launchers in the group. And not like in Nagorno-Karabakh when 1 Carapace C is trying to portray something.

The reality is that more than half of the missiles were not intercepted (otherwise there would have been no deaths and destruction) and the bayraktar set fire to the non-working shell.

Curious to know what this "iron dome" is made of?

it's just that a pro like you was sitting at the helm of the shell!

And how many Baytakars were burned by the Shells? ;)

The reality is you get silversmiths for writing these tales

Yeah, why didn't you repel 28000 missiles?))) Soon the rockets for the iron dome will run out, because at least two anti-missiles are fired at each target (they know the real accuracy)

Of the 2800 missiles, Israel was able to shoot down only 900 - this is reality !!! And under the bayraktar, only the "Pantsir", which had completely shot its ammunition, burned - it's only in Hollywood films that shells and rockets never run out !!!

Firstly, Israel did not shoot down half of its divisions, and secondly, the bayraktars or the like did not work on them. So the dome is still far from the shell. Something like that.

The reality is that Israel repelled a 2800 missile strike and its shell burned under Bayraktar.