Shot down a drone


Russian ZRPK "Shell" destroyed the drone with an anti-aircraft missile. Video

ZRPK "Shell" destroyed the drone with an anti-aircraft missile.

A few hours ago, unique photographs appeared showing the destroyed Bayraktar TB2 drone drone. As it turned out, the drone was shot down not by the anti-aircraft self-propelled gun ZSU-23-2, better known under the name "Shilka", but by the ZRPK "Shell", and an anti-aircraft missile was used to destroy the UAV.

As follows from the analysis of photographs of the wreckage of the destroyed drone, cited by the Maltese expert Babak Tagway, the holes in the drone's body were left with striking fragments of an anti-aircraft guided missile, while in the southern part of Tripoli Russian and, according to other sources, Arab ZRPK “Shell” were already noticed.

The resource also had a unique video recording, which captured the first seconds after the destruction of the Bayraktar TB2 drone, while in the left corner of the video you can see a trace that apparently remained after the anti-aircraft missile launch.

It should be clarified that according to a number of sources, Russian mercenaries from PMC "Wagner" could deliver to Libya additional ZRPK "Shell", but there was no confirmation of this information.