Plane crash


Russian military equipment obliged to pay millions for the old broken An-26

More than 12 millions were recovered from a former flight instructor for an old broken plane.

Another scandal surrounding the Russian defense ministry erupted against the background of the Russian Ministry of Defense filing a lawsuit against the former flight engineer instructor of the Air Force, demanding to pay for the cost of a crashed military aircraft.

“The Ministry of Defense appealed to the Saratov Garrison Military Court with a lawsuit against Captain Tereshin to recover pecuniary damage in the amount of 12 243 967 rubles. 79 cop., Caused by the crime. The demand was motivated by the fact that Yury Tereshin was found guilty of violating the rules of flight or preparing for them or other rules for operating military aircraft that resulted in a man’s death and other serious consequences by the verdict of this court on 17 on December 2018. ”- reports the publication "Kommersant".

It became known that we are talking about the 1979 aircraft of the year of manufacture, which, most likely, was not only morally obsolete, but also physically worn out, which caused a lot of complaints in the direction of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Why is so much being done in our country so that the pilot leaves (ed.) From the army as quickly as possible? One such news easily and naturally zaparivaet everything that is being done to "Improve the prestige and attractiveness of the profession of military pilot." One left- comments on the Fighterbomber news.

“Judging by the annual reports, VKS possess almost 90% new planes and helicopters, but in reality everything is completely different”, - comment on this news on Twitter.

but it’s not the technician who’s to blame, but P.M.SH .. And yet HOW will the Turks or the Jews answer?