The entire bow of the Russian warship was destroyed - it almost drowned

A Russian warship was severely damaged in the North Sea.

Not far from the territorial waters of Denmark, a very serious incident occurred - under unknown circumstances, a Russian warship received very serious damage to the bow. The enemy of the Russian anti-submarine ship, despite the lack of protection, received much less critical damage, which raised a lot of questions about whether the Russian warship was effective in real combat use.

The presented footage shows that the damage to the Russian military anti-submarine ship Kazanets is much more dangerous than that of the damaged foreign ship. According to experts, if the collision speed of the two ships was a little higher, then, it is likely that the Russian "Kazanets" could receive critical damage.

“Kazanets, which suffered damage to the hull in a collision with a foreign ship, was repaired at the 33rd Shipyard JSC. The specialists have already examined the damaged tank (the bow of the ship), determined the tasks and the degree of repair of the IPC ", - about it сообщает Russian edition "Military Review".

Denmark, in turn, also published a photo of the damaged vessel.

“After the collision in the Sound Strait, the Russian ship left the DK water area, and the civilian ship ICE ROSE is independently at the shipyard. No collision leaks were found. The case has been transferred to the civil authorities ", - reports the Ministry of Defense of Denmark.

Earlier, there was information that the cause of the collision could be a transponder turned off by the Russian military, which, in conditions of poor visibility, led to an emergency.

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