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The Russian hyper-sound missile was developed in the USSR?

Hypersonic weapons came to Russia from the USSR.

Experts have come to the conclusion that the merit of Russian scientists in the creation of hypersonic missiles is minimal. This is primarily due to the fact that the development of hypersonic missiles was actively carried out in the USSR, in particular, experts mentioned the rather well-known project of the X-90 hypersonic missile, which was developed in the 70s and 80s of the last century. For a number of reasons, the missile never received its real use, since in connection with the beginning of the period better known as "perestroika", as well as the signing of treaties on the reduction of offensive arms, the unique development has ceased to be relevant.

"Soviet scientists have already been engaged in the development of hypersonic rockets, and this is not a secret. Nevertheless, due to the lack of technologies that allow monitoring the process of rocket flight, this project was not realized ", - said the military analyst.

In fact, according to estimates of military experts, to create Russian hypersonic missiles, it including talking about hypersonic missiles X-47M2, part of the ARC "Dagger", used ideas and suggestions started and promoted in the days of the Soviet Union - most likely, the Russian scientists only improved the missile control system and made it more compact.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that the contribution of Russian scientists in the creation of hypersonic weapons is important, especially since the development of the Soviet did not find its application, ie, turned out to be futile, and Russian hypersonic missiles are able to provide the highest country's defense.

To date, the hypersonic missile is only in service with Russia, but China also announced a series of successful tests of hypersonic two-stage missiles, which in the future may constitute a strong competition for Russia.

Thanks to Putin and his team, who implemented the project that lasted so many years and rearm Russia with modern weapons.

In the Soviet time, in the news only heard about every day about some discoveries, inventions, achievements. And now you just read and listen about how Ukraine is bent or how bad things are in the EU. We, you would think, have already achieved everything and invented everything. Sit the seeds click.

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