Russian nuclear-powered Burevestnik cruise missile may be tested by the middle of this year

The Burevestnik test complex deployed on Novaya Zemlya can be tested by the middle of the year.

The commenced deployment of the test launch complex for testing the Burevestnik cruise missiles indicates that the launch of a nuclear powered cruise missile should be expected in the near future. New satellite images indicate that work on the organization of the complex and the corresponding infrastructure has been completed, which implies the beginning of the testing stage for Russian unlimited-range missiles.

Earlier, according to the Russian media, the tests of the Burevestnik cruise missile were carried out near the settlement of Nyonoksa, however, later on CNN TV channel announced the deployment of a similar test launch complex on Novaya Zemlya, which, presumably, may be related to the intentions of testing the Russian missile on large distances.

Earlier it was reported about active tests of the newest Russian cruise missile, however, according to various estimates, the latter will go into service with Russia no earlier than 2027.