Russian submarine, nicknamed "black hole", is being searched for in the Mediterranean Sea for four days

In the Mediterranean Sea, NATO aircraft are looking for a Russian submarine for the fourth day.

Despite NATO's earlier statements that the Alliance knows the position of each Russian submarine in the waters of the world's oceans, it turned out that such a statement is not true - NATO aircraft have been trying to find Russian diesel-electric submarines off the coast of Syria and Lebanon for the fourth day and are still unsuccessful.

Judging by the fact that NATO planes are constantly involved in the search for the Russian submarine, which have been replacing each other for the fourth day in a row, it was not possible to find the Russian submarine of the Halibut project, nicknamed the “black hole” in NATO due to its low visibility, As a result, the situation for the North Atlantic Alliance is developing extremely difficult, especially given the military exercises that have begun in this region and the American aircraft carrier that has appeared in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the AUG.

It is known that four days ago a Russian diesel-electric submarine left the Russian naval base in Tartus and literally immediately disappeared, forcing NATO to seriously tense up.

"NATO realizes that the Russian submarine will not attack anyone, however, the very fact that the" Russians "can approach NATO ships at close range and work out the fight against them makes the alliance very angry.", - the analyst underlines.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Russian Navy.

She sank. The Russians do not recognize, as usual, but they break their heads. And the sailors are knocking on the hatch with a hammer for four days. The families will be told that the squad has not returned from combat.

She disappeared for three days. Strains. Immediately in my head "Kursk"

News: NATO has announced that it will not be able to fight back against Russia. Commentary: So you need to give them a must.

At one time, the Kursk nuclear submarine also beat amers in the Middle Sea. For this, the amers sank the Kursk off the coast of the Russian Federation. And they didn't get anything from the "partners" bleaters for that. So they will repeat.


They will wait for the boat to blow through under the chicken coop! What a laugh it will be!