The Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" fired on unknown missiles

The Russian air base was attacked by ground-to-ground missiles.

A few hours ago, information about the fact that the Russian military air base “Hamim” was attacked by militants and terrorists holding the Syrian province of Idlib. According to the data presented, the attack on the Russian military object was carried out not with the use of UAVs or MLRS, but with the use of unknown ground-to-ground missiles.

According to the information provided, the attack on the Russian military airbase “Khmeimim” was made in the first half of the day, while the data on the number of missiles launched at the Russian airbase is not certain for sure - according to one information, we are talking about four missiles, according to others - about six.

There have not yet been any official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as the militants themselves did not comment on the attack. Nevertheless, it is reported that the attack on the Russian air base was carried out not by the terrorists “Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham” (terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - editor's note), but by the militants of the Islamic Party of Turkestan (terrorist group banned in RF - Ed.).

Putin declares that he has the most powerful weapon. And where is it? Why not show it in action? Or an empty idle talk again?

Yes, our president is already not enough evil, he is going to do something so that our base will not be fired anymore, the Israelis would have long since eliminated the source of the attack, on whose territory he was located, and our snot chewed.