Russian air defense system S-500 "Prometheus" cannot be drowned out by any country in the world - it is impossible

The Russian S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system turned out to be completely invulnerable to electronic warfare.

Russian developers very responsibly approached the creation of a unique anti-aircraft missile system S-500 "Prometheus" ("Triumphant"), not only ensuring the defeat of aerodynamic and ballistic targets at distances of up to 600 kilometers, with their detection at distances of about 800 kilometers, but also making these air defense systems are absolutely invulnerable to foreign means of electronic suppression and electronic warfare.

According to experts, the mobile launcher S-500 "Prometey" can operate even without a radar in its composition, receiving data from other radars at distances of several hundred kilometers.

This is evidenced by the telescopic antenna included in the system, which allows receiving signals both from other positioning areas of Russian air defense / missile defense systems and from over-the-horizon radars, and in this case, the target hit radius will depend only on the current location of the launcher.

Earlier, the Russian military really argued that the latest air defense / missile defense system would have a high level of protection against electronic warfare, moreover, the absence of an actual emitter makes Prometheus a very difficult target for the enemy, especially considering the fact that the latter will have to be at a distance several hundred kilometers.

so these installations are already there? or as always in the project?