Russia accused of stealing French warships

Russia was accused of stealing the French military helicopter carriers.

The start of construction of the project 23900 universal landing ships in Crimea resulted in an international scandal, which resulted in accusations against Russia of the theft of French technology used in the Mistral helicopter carriers. According to Western experts, Russia simply stole the design features of the French warships and began to use them for their own purposes.

“When you cannot buy it, steal it. This is Russia's approach to acquiring new landing ships, six years after France canceled the sale of universal ships. Look carefully at the photograph that depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin, looking at the concept of the artist of the project 23900. The design of the Russian landing ship may seem familiar. This is because Project 23900 is a “clone” of the French Mistral- сообщает Forbes Edition.

Judging by the photographs, the similarity between the two warships is really enormous, which resulted in a scandal.

The Russian side has not yet answered such allegations, however, experts do not see anything unusual in this similarity.

“It is important to understand that even if the design of the French helicopter carrier was borrowed by the Russian military, the allegations of theft are completely groundless, since it is a conceptual part, and not the use of some French developments. For the West, this is just another reason to fan the scandal. "- the expert notes

If someone forgot, then Mistral was bought on conditions that later we will produce them in Russia. And the fact that then the French were blown away, and even paid a penalty for refusing to deliver them to Russia, does not cancel the conditions that we can produce them at home.

Probably strange, but all the ships are very similar to each other, for me the average man, they are distinguishable only by color ...