Shot down a drone


Rostec announced the "killer" of Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2, ANKA-S and Akinci

Russia has announced the "killer" of Turkish drones.

Deputy Head of the High-Precision Complexes holding, part of the Rostec corporation, Sergei Mikhailov, announced that Russia is preparing to present a unique complex capable of combating absolutely all both existing and promising unmanned aerial vehicles and loitering ammunition. We are talking about a modernized version of the Pantsir-S1M air defense missile system, which was adapted to fight against Turkish drones such as Bayraktar TB2, ANKA-S and Akinci.

“As a result of the modernization, the capabilities of the Pantsir to counter all types of drones have been significantly improved. In particular, the complex is capable of effectively detecting and destroying all types of attack UAVs in service. "- said Mikhailov.

Moreover, the modernized version can be adapted to fulfill any specific tasks. At the same time, Russian complexes can be used to build a high-level modular defense system.

"On the basis of Pantsir-S1M, an effective modular air defense network can be built, capable of covering any military units from small-sized and attack UAVs, high-precision weapons and, of course, military aviation - aircraft and helicopters."- said the deputy head of the High-Precision Complexes holding.

As for the combat capabilities of the Russian Pantsir-S1M air defense missile system, this complex now has a maximum target engagement range of up to 30 kilometers, while the target engagement height reaches 18 kilometers. As before, the Russian air defense missile system is armed with 2 rapid-fire cannons, as well as extended-range hypersonic missiles.

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