Rostec: India is ready to buy Su-57. New Delhi is silent

The head of Rostec spoke about the sale of Su-57 fighters to India.

Despite India’s categorical refusal to buy Russian Su-57 fighters, Rostec’s head Sergei Chemezov made an unexpected announcement that New Delhi was seriously considering buying Russian combat aircraft.

“Su-57 - India. Emirates - quite possibly. They are already looking and discussing for a long time, until there is no solution. [Offered] localization. We made our proposals [of Turkey], we proposed Su-35. While they think. When the decision is made, we are ready for sale, and the industry is ready to produce both Su-57 and Su-35 ”, - conveys the words of Chemezov "BMPD".

It is noteworthy that in New Delhi they did not comment on Chemezov’s words, especially since India had earlier criticized the fifth-generation Russian combat aircraft, saying that New Delhi has no more interest in Su-57 fighters.

It should be clarified that no official applications for the purchase of Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 have been received either from the UAE or from Turkey, which raises a lot of questions from experts regarding Chemezov’s words.