C-500 Prometheus


Rostec: serial production of C-500 will begin in a year

Serial production of unique Russian air defense / missile defense systems will begin in a year.

The head of the Russian state corporation Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, announced that in a year the mass production of unique C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems capable of hitting targets at distances up to 600 kilometers will begin in the country.

“I think the serial release will be in a year”- cites the words of Chemezov edition "Reedus."

Given the readiness of Russian air defense systems to start mass production, it is logical to assume that all tests have been successfully completed, while some of the systems may already be on pilot combat duty.

It is reported that over the next five years, the Russian S-500 "Prometheus" systems will not be exported, however, given the experience of exporting the Russian S-400 air defense systems, Russia intends to begin negotiations on the export of these weapons in the 2020-2021 year.

Today, the Russian C-500 "Prometheus" is very attractive, which is primarily due to the ability of these air defense and missile defense systems to hit targets at great distances, while, moreover, we are talking about the defeat of hypersonic targets.

Too many assumptions: production is possible, possibly serial, maybe in a year, maybe capable of hitting targets at distances up to 600 kilometers, maybe all tests have been completed successfully, etc. etc. P-batch of real affairs.