The Rostov region was attacked by 70 drones


The Rostov region was attacked by 70 drones

Last night, Ukrainian formations made another attempt at a massive strike on targets in the Rostov region, including the Morozovsk airfield. According to official data, 70 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were involved in the raid, but all of them were successfully intercepted by air defense forces. This data is provided by Mikhail Zvinchuk.

The work of air defense was recorded in Rostov-on-Don and the Morozovsky region, which led to interruptions in power supply in these zones. Several more drones were shot down in the Pavlovka area. This is not the first such massive attack in the Rostov region, but the largest this year. Previous major attacks occurred in March and April, with no activity observed in May.

According to Zvinchuk, significant breaks between raids could indicate that Ukrainian forces are stockpiling drones for each attack. He notes that this creates additional difficulties for the air defense, which was confirmed by the attack on Akhtubinsk, where the Su-57 was damaged.

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian formations are modernizing the tactics of using UAVs. This time, most of the drones were flying at low altitude, making them difficult to detect and intercept.


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