Russian tank company T-14 "Armata" can destroy a brigade of NATO tanks

Russian T-14 tanks can cope with a brigade of NATO tanks.

A company of Russian T-14 "Armata" tanks can completely destroy a tank brigade of any NATO member state, without any losses. This unique opportunity of Russian combat vehicles was revealed by the developers of these tanks, and, despite the seeming fantastic nature of such a situation, it became known that the Russian Armata tanks really have such amazing capabilities.

According to the data presented, a group of Russian T-14 Armata tanks has a unique automated control system, which allows Russian combat vehicles belonging to one unit to quickly exchange information. In the event that the enemy forces are many times outnumbered and powerful, the commander can give the order to inflict an artillery strike at the exact positions of the enemy forces, and thus only one tank company can easily destroy an entire tank brigade.

Experts pay attention to the fact that no other tank in the world has such opportunities, which gives a very significant advantage over the enemy's forces, even if the latter outnumber them by several dozen times.

LAUGHING OUT LOUD !!! And where do they shoot if the enemy is "in the minority"? The uniqueness of Armata is that it does not exist and

A brigade of tanks can be destroyed by anyone, based on the message of this material. The main thing is to inform the artillerymen about this brigade. And Armata according to the text can be replaced at least by cavalry on combat donkeys)))

The DPR and LPR have TWO borders with the Russian Federation and Kiev.
He flew along the Crimea much closer 40 km from the border of the Russian Federation.

The UAV made several circles over the Black Sea, and then followed to Donbass, where it conducted reconnaissance along the contact line for several hours. At the same time, the apparatus from time to time approached the Russian border by 40-60 km.
well, straight furrowed))) a little on the red square did not sit down)))))

All to throw them .. hats. But it has long been said "Don't say gop, for now ...." RQ-4 yesterday once again furrowed the Crimea and Donbass.

I am ashamed to ask: How many of them are there in the troops, A ???

The only pity is that Russia does not have T-14 tanks.



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