NATO leadership removed from office over failure of strategic bombers mission near Russian borders

US Air Force Strategic Bombers Deployed Near Russian Borders Failed Mission - Leadership Suspended

Deployed a little more than a month ago at a Norwegian military air base, the American B-1B Lancer US Air Force strategic bombers were unable to demonstrate their dominance in the Arctic, as at least two strategic bombers were unable to take part in the planned missions, failing.

According to information released by the news agency, due to the failure of the mission, the head of the military airbase was removed from office.

“Overseas sources confirm previously stated assumptions that behind the bravura messages of the American political officials about the triumphant end of the month trip of four B-1B Lancer missile carriers in Norway at the end of March, there was a lie. Lies, this was expressed in the fact that at least one B-1B had serious technical problems associated with the failure of two engines on one side at once by the hands of excellent combat training, who forgot their tablet in the air intake of one of them after routine maintenance. It was because of this incident that Lieutenant Colonel Kristen Shadden was dismissed from office at the end of March for poor (edited - ed.) Leadership of the entrusted unit, "- reports the Telegram-community" Operational Line ".

Earlier, the resource reported that immediately after the arrival of a group of US Air Force bombers in Norway, one of them underwent scheduled repairs - according to initial data, the aircraft systems could not withstand extreme Arctic conditions.

Это Петров и Башаров.

With one tablet, two engines were disabled. Well, cool.

How did you guess? Who besides them!

It's too early for them. It takes 5-6 years to decide.

These lancers were decommissioned 6 years ago. This was their last flight - they will be disposed of in Europe.

Did Petrov and Boshirov come to Norway by chance? At least the day before?

The qualifications of the employees and maintenance of American aircraft are low, the bombers themselves are not in proper quality. Question: will the change in the leadership of the airbase change the situation?
Of course not.

They have no idea that it was someone who could calculate, plan and implement with their help? But as they say, shoulder straps are not all power, and orders are not mind at all. Everything is ridiculously trite. If you do it anally every time?