NSM complex


Romania preparing to launch NSM missile systems against Russian ships?

Romania is modernizing its structures

Romania is increasingly strengthening its naval structures and has spent a lot of money to protect the coast from various threats.

For its armed forces, Romania signed a permit for the purchase of anti-ship missile systems "Naval Strike Missile", which are designed to protect against naval ships with the ability to interact with its own and allied ships, aircraft and equipment.

According to the article of the Bulgarian Military website, according to the Ministry of Defense, having reached this potential, the Romanian naval forces will become more modernized, modern and combat-ready.

The cost of the coastal protection system will be $ 286 million. Romania also plans to purchase four mobile missile launchers on Oshkosh vehicles, two fire control panels, a training logistics complex, ten MIDS-JTRS multifunctional communication systems with the Link 16 system, and more.

In addition, in the Romanian navy "NSM" will replace the Soviet system 4K51 "Rubezh".

It is expected that the complex Naval Strike Missile will be commissioned in 2024.

Half of the BM-13s, nicknamed Katyushas during the Second World War, were produced by factories in Voronezh. Just near Voronezh, many Hungarian and Romanian conquerors, who came to us with the Nazis, remained forever. The guys were unlucky. Maybe not yet lucky.