Romania and Moldova intend to forcefully expel Russian troops from Transnistria

Romania and Moldavia may seize Transnistria, and Russia will be unable to do anything.

Following the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Pridnestrovie may lose its status within the next few years or even months, returning under the sovereignty of Moldova. Given the limited opportunities of Russia in this area, Moscow will not be able to interfere with this process in any way, as stated by Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor of the Department of Mass Communications and Media Business of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

“The victory of pro-Western Maia Sandu over the socialist Igor Dodon in Moldova has put the Kremlin in a difficult position. Sandu has a Romanian passport, and Romania is a country that wants to deprive Moldova of independence by making it part of itself. According to the political scientist, Sandu received several "valuable instructions" from her curators, one of which is the desire to drive the Russians into the "Transnistrian trap." It can plunge Moldova into a deep political crisis and even a military conflict with Russia, trying to destabilize the situation in the PMR. The expert drew attention to the fact that in order to implement the plan, Sandu will first need to collect a majority in the Moldovan parliament. At the same time, Moscow has resigned itself to finding Chisinau in the EU's sphere of influence, and if Sandu “leads the Moldovan tour to the Romanian stall,” then Russia will be unable to do anything about it ”, - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Topkor".

Experts draw attention to the fact that even if there is a great desire, Russia will not be able to do anything to prevent the overt seizure of Transnistria.

“The West is very interested in weakening Russia, and therefore it will probably openly advocate the restoration of Moldovan sovereignty over Transnistria, providing everything necessary. Even if we assume that Moldova itself does not have sufficient forces to regain control of Transnistria, Romania, a NATO member state, has such opportunities. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

Analysts emphasize that the situation with the liquidation of the self-proclaimed republics is actively developing, while in the near future there is also a high probability of an operation in the east of Ukraine.

And many have already arrived? Oh ... It seems not one!

In all likelihood, the Russian special services are wasting their bread. Maybe they should be sent to camps - someone needs to explore the Far East. And in return, recruit new, hard-working, pros. loyal to Russia !!

As in Armenia, none of the 6 missiles fired by the Iskander hit the target. Pomnitsa is like a wedding in a robin "bam bam and by", and if you look at the map, then on the one hand Ukraine, on the other Moldovans, the only way out is to send these Moldovans with their products to nafik, and then there is a chance to leave the PMR.

In which case NATO will remain silent in a rag, today NATO feeds on making a stern face, knowing that Russia will not be the first to attack. But for the time being. Everything changes and a war is needed.

and at this time, Poplar, Bulava, and other UFOs fly towards those who want to tickle the nerves of the Russian Federation

Yes, already with such theft, and spitting attitude towards the people, Russia has no chance of anything ... and thanks to these officials who have been robbing the country for 20 years .... they will soon win

China will also rigidly declare the rights to the Far East, agreeing to the accumulation of the Kuril ridge by Japan.))
Putin has turned the country into a weak cow.

This is nonsense among blind zaputintsy. It is impossible to imagine that under the USSR the Turks are fighting in Karabakh. And now it's easy. Russia is rotten inside. And Pridnestrovie is doomed. Do not forget, there is still Ukraine, which will help and hinder Russia, plus Biden in the United States. And Putin is illegitimate in his country. Fights at the expense of deception and intimidation. Lukashenka runs around with a gun in his hands on his resettlement. Armenia realized that Russia was looking for an ally useless. Turkey easily shoots down our planes. That's it, the end of Russia's influence even on its borders. Our country has no strength and resources. So your boasting is not backed up by anything. There is reality.

This is an excuse and a strategic need to demolish the statehood of such entities as Ukraine and Moldova. Then I Dodon will rule the Moldavian region as the Governor. And the Romanians never knew how to fight .... or has someone forgotten it?


It was under Lebed, Putin has other interests

what does the "expert on all issues and regions without knowledge of English, associate professor of the academy, which does not specialize in international security" have to do with the situation in Moldova and the problem of Transnistria? Why can't you ask a question to a person who has information?

Yes, the assistant professor needs to return to his Armenia. Such nonsense to bear. Peacekeepers and 200 tons of Russians there. Georgia has already faltered once. Russia has proved more than once how to transfer troops. Or that Moldova would be able to prevent troops from crossing their territory if they attacked peacekeepers. Maybe the Romanians will help, they know how to fight Russia. The docent is talking about delirium.

After which Poland and Lithuania simply cease to exist.

How, there are no opportunities?
From Sevastopol - in a straight line to Romania.

It's time for Gevorg Mirzayan to pack his bags, and not broadcast such nonsense. The Russian peacekeepers will leave, only taking with them 200000 Russian citizens, whose safety they provided, and if not, then a mess will begin there, worse than fucking Artsakh, because, unlike the Armenians, RUSSIANS DO NOT GIVE UP. Allah Akbar.

The worst thing is the "hateful whimpering". The one who stopped the offensive of the Donbass militias in 2014 committed an ACT OF BETRAY to the interests of the Russian Federation. During this time, the Ukrainian army has become significantly stronger and more motivated. There will be no collision with our critical consequences for the RF Armed Forces, but large losses cannot be avoided !!!!

As true gourmets, let's start with a cherry ... And then we will decide on appetite and health ...

Moldova has never lost Transnistria. Moreover, at its inception, she abandoned it, denouncing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, so that ... Ukraine has more rights to Transnistria.

Russia does not have (unlike the stories with Georgia and Crimea) a common border. Resources are very limited.

It will end as usual. There is no road to the Dniester, only by air through friendly Ukraine. Never quit the work you started, bring it to the end. And these are all through the stump deck.

Russia is obliged to protect its citizens, whether in the Donbas or in Transnistria, and if not, judge for yourself: is it Russia and is it the world?

NATO doctrine. NATO intervenes when a member country is attacked, not when it attacks other non-NATO countries. Otherwise, Lithuania would have declared war on Russia long ago and asked for help from NATO. They say you will fight for us for us, and we will stand and see.


Imagine such a scenario - Moldova, with the help of Romania, introduces troops into Transnistria, after a certain time Ukraine, with the help of the Turks, into the Donbas and pulls to the Crimea. At this time Georgia attacks Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Turks and Azerbaijan take Karabakh in the ring. Well, the cherry on top. cake Poland together with NATO blockade Kaliningrad and Belarus.

Recently, there has been some strange trend. As a pro-European leader comes to power, this state loses its territory. Georgia - Yu. Ossetia, Ukraine - Crimea, Moldova - at the beginning of the 90s already almost lost Pridnestrovie, now decided to finally part with it

Moldova decided to take a running start in order to run into the same rake as other countries of the former socialist camp. What can I say, good luck to them in this not an easy matter. And about the possibilities of Russia, many such analysts (the first 4 letters from the previous word from this root they are specialists) have already put in their pants more than once.

Everything will end as in Georgia with a peace enforcement operation. After all, the majority of the population of Transnistria has Russian passports. Russian troops will be stationed 60 km from Bucharest. If NATO intervenes, a global conflict cannot be avoided using all available means according to our doctrine. Of course, Russia has no desire. But there are opportunities.

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