Romanian Navy


Romania called for pressure on the Russian fleet in the Black Sea

The Romanian authorities are calling to block the presence of Russian warships in the Black Sea.

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said that the North Atlantic Alliance should intensify its confrontation with Russia in the Black Sea. Under the words of the Romanian Foreign Minister, obviously, one should understand the need to increase the presence of NATO ships in this region, which indicates that Russia can not only return its troops to the Black Sea region, but also significantly strengthen its military presence here.

“Thanks to NATO allies, the Black Sea is partly a NATO lake. What can NATO do to prevent Russia from turning the Black Sea into a Russian lake? As members of the alliance, we cannot refuse to be present in the region, and I think it is important to continue to promote our values ​​in the region. "- said Aurescu at the conference "EPC Talks Geopolitics".

It is quite obvious that in this way NATO intends to escalate the situation in the region, however, if today the Russian fleet only ensures the security of its borders, then, taking into account NATO's provocation, Russian warships may begin to patrol the Black Sea in the areas of foreign borders, which it will be a rather painful blow for NATO.

“An attempt to destabilize the situation in the region will lead to serious problems for NATO. Russia will respond to this not only by deploying its fleet throughout the region, but will also significantly increase the flights of combat aviation, including this applies to long-range Tu-22M3 bombers, whose capabilities are such that the Alliance can lose in a few hours, in the event of a conflict, most of its fleet ", - said the analyst

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