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Ryabkov did not rule out the deployment of Russian missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela

Russia is preparing to deploy missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.

Russia is considering the possibility of deploying military bases and missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela amid the refusal of the United States and NATO to negotiate with Russia. Answering journalists' questions, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov did not rule out that in the near future Russian missiles may appear near the US borders. In time, this will reduce the strike on US territory by 5-6 times.

According to Sergei Ryabkov, at the moment it is not worth talking about the deployment of Russian military infrastructure in Cuba and Venezuela, however, given the lack of a clear answer, it is likely that at this stage Russia is actively negotiating with these states.

"I do not want to confirm anything, I will not rule out anything here either.", - said Sergey Ryabkov, commenting on the information that has appeared about the possible deployment of Russian military bases in Cuba and Venezuela.

The deployment of Russian missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela will make it possible to constantly keep key US military bases at the sights of Russian missiles. Moreover, this may not necessarily be ground-based missile launchers, since Russia can send its submarines and warships to Cuba, which, being armed with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, will be able to strike the United States within a few minutes.

At the same time, experts note that recently Cuba is not interested in the appearance of Russian military on the country's territory, however, even if a Russian military base or other military facilities are located in Venezuela. This will give the Russian side a huge advantage over the United States.

Europe with pleasure , Cuba do not know.

It is even easier to place nuclear weapons in space.

Cuba, Venezuela ... this is no longer relevant, but how will US politicians react when unmanned underwater vehicles with nuclear warheads appear in neutral waters, near states, and will be on duty in sleep mode (until they receive a command) ... We are peaceful people, but let them experience the tension from the proximity of located military threats.

And what happened in the USSR 1.0? There was a potential deployment of the INF, and only, moreover, the Americans could not reliably establish this. And what really happened was a radio intelligence base, and this will be enough, for a start. All US Atlantic fleets will be under the hood.

Instead of Cuba and Venezuela, substitute one other word in your question - Europe ... She, and this is obvious, agrees to be a target.

If I'm not mistaken, Cuba has long had a US base. And where Russia will stick its own, next door. Like hello neighbors and here we are.

Europe agrees

Europe agrees.

Cuba will refuse because Putin deceived Cuba in 2001...

We are aware that Venezuela and Cuba are ready to accept Russian missiles. Moreover, the CIA knows that they are already there, but not deployed. All NATO members want to be targets. They want to curry favor with us, the masters. Such is the essence of the plebeians.

Ryabkov announced a sonorous, but outdated psychological version, model 1962.
Knowing that the Anglo-Saxons know about the current armament of Russia, and that she does not need to have bases around
The United States and England, as it was in the 20th century. This is Russia's trump card in the confrontation with NATO, which is not voiced at the negotiations. And Ukraine has nothing to do with it, this is an urn for
papers from negotiations.

The USSR did not disappear precisely because of the Caribbean Crisis.

USSR 2.0? In the USSR 1.0 it already happened, and where is it? Can we repeat?

Neither Cuba nor Venezuela needs this at all, they are not allies of Russia at all.

I wonder if Cuba or Venezuela agree to be a target?

This should have been done before the start of negotiations between the Russian Federation and NATO, so that there were trump cards. And so there are no trump cards - there are no agreements. Everything is logical and sad ...