NATO fighter


For the first time, 5 NATO reconnaissance aircraft were spotted near the Russian border

NATO is escalating tensions along the Russian borders by intensifying provocative reconnaissance flights.

On the eve of the day, five military reconnaissance aircraft of NATO member countries were spotted near the Russian borders at one time. So, according to the data provided by the Telegram-community of the Hunter's Notes, at around 11 o'clock Moscow time, five military reconnaissance aircraft were seen near the Russian north-western and western borders, and one more aircraft was subsequently also directed towards the borders airspace of the Kaliningrad region.

Experts pay attention, first of all, to the intensification of NATO's provocative flights, since the Alliance realizes that such behavior near the Russian borders will only increase tensions. Moreover, there is an assumption that NATO may well be working out ways to attack Russia from this direction, and is currently studying the possibilities for further action.

It should be noted that there are no official comments as to whether Russian fighters have risen to intercept and escort NATO aircraft to date.

Of these five, three tankers ...

They want to attack Kaliningrad and squeeze revenge for Crimea from Russia.