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Near the Russian border, 45, a thousand NATO army that emerged in a few days, was noticed.

NATO has deployed thousands of troops near the Russian borders of 45.

Despite the fact that Poland warned Russia about plans to hold large-scale military exercises in the country this year, within a few days, 45 thousand NATO troops appeared near the borders of Russia and Belarus.

According to the Belarusian and Western media, military personnel from eight NATO countries located just a few dozen kilometers from the borders of Russia and Belarus, while apart from the soldiers themselves, large formations of armored vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft, etc. were noticed near the borders. this is a matter of serious concern, despite the fact that the NATO group has a smaller number of 1,5 times than the army of Belarus, because, according to analysts, within the framework of x maneuvers is expected to practice it offensive.

Moreover, a few days ago it became known that, against the background of naval exercises in the Baltic Sea, a significant area of ​​water space was blocked, in fact, separating the Kaliningrad region from the Baltic Sea exit, with the exception of the northern and western corridors passing alongside territorial waters of the NATO countries.

Experts do not exclude that on the background of the ongoing maneuvers, part of the NATO troops may remain near the borders of Russia and Belarus.

There is a story "The day before the day after tomorrow" Anisimov .. read it!

It was our airfield that the air defenses were redeployed from Tallinn to 1969 I served there.

"If a fight is inevitable, then we must beat the first" - GDP.

I believe that there will be no war. Train, in case of aggravation of the situation in Venezuela between the United States and Venezuela and Russia. Perhaps with aggravation, at the same time with Ukraine. After all, it’s not for nothing that Banderia receives from the USA for 800 millions of dollars of lethal and other serious weapons. All this, after all, is not to establish peace in the Donbas. Bandera, they want to establish some "parity" in armament with Russia and .... that's when, as he said in politic. television show, one of the Bandera, then "show what the Crimea and the Donbass!"

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NATO members gathered for a picnic. Do not believe? Ask the FSH.

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I would not count so heavily on Sarmatians with Maces, taking into account the missile defense system in Romania, etc.

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At the old Soviet abandoned airfield near the town of Haapsalu, NATO helicopters and an airplane are landing. NATO members conceived a bad

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