Airline YUVT Aero


From November 1, "UVT Aero" will fly on the route Kazan - Perm - Novosibirsk

The carrier "YUVT Aero" announced the expansion of its route network.

Earlier news has reported that since November 1 domestic airline "Aero YUVT" intends to start flying from Kazan to BelgorodHowever, in addition to this route, with 1 November this year, the airline is also introducing another new passenger flight, in particular, we are talking about the flights on the route Kazan - Perm - Novosibirsk.

Flights on the new airline in routing "UVT Aero" is planning to carry out a frequency of twice a week, at the same time, the cost of a flight, the route will be about 5600 rubles, which is a very good deal for future passengers.

It should be clarified that the airline "UVT Aero" is a very effective carrier, who had to prove their worth in the field of civil aviation.