C-300 and Bavar-373 attack Israeli fighters without warning

C-300 and Bavar-373 attack Israeli fighter aircraft.

After the appearance of information on the deployment of the Bavar-4 Iranian air defense system at the T373 Syrian military airbase, as well as data on the deployment of full-fledged defense against Israeli and American combat aircraft in the territory of the Arab Republic, it became known that both Bavar-373 and C-300 attack Israeli combat aircraft in the event of the slightest opportunity.

According to experts, after the emergence of information on Iran’s deployment of its air defense systems to Syria (according to other sources - cruise missiles - ed.), As well as some call by Netanyahu Putin, the probability that Israeli combat aircraft will strike within the next 72 hours strikes on Syria are very high.

Tonight in southern Syria there was already a certain incident, and although its nature is not disclosed, sources report that Russian military aircraft flew from the Khmeimim air base because of the appearance of some strange objects in the south of the Arab Republic, which is believed to be Israel’s first attempt to strike at Syria.

It should be clarified that in the event that Israel tries to enter Syrian airspace, the Syrian military is allowed to open fire to defeat, including using the S-300 air defense system, and given the deployment of Iranian air defense systems, the likelihood of success of Israeli air strikes in this Middle Eastern country sharply reduced.

Let's see, only one month and you will see helplessness only on the other hand, as indeed happens all the time. It is not necessary to answer me, time will tell you and me who is right and who is wrong, I would like you to be right, but statistics convince me otherwise.

We often wishful thinking. Loud statements; fled, scared. It is clear that where there is a danger they will leave it. Israel values ​​its people, unlike many states, as the people of this state have the main value. It’s not worth it to praise Iran; it will still show us Kuz'kin’s mother in Syria. He has his own tasks in Syria, which go largely against our own.

Wet dreams :)

Yes, just furious!
therefore, they attack everyone with great success!
What to do ?
what do you think?

Israel is confused and furious that they have been made helpless in conducting aggression in Syria, and indeed in the Middle East.