C-300 met by American bombers over the Persian Gulf

The answer to the provocations: why Iran has transferred C-300 to the Persian Gulf.

A few days ago, the network posted footage about the transfer of Iran to the province of Bushehr, on the coast of the Persian Gulf, modern air defense systems C-300PMU2.

At the same time, wheeled military vehicles were transported by heavy-duty trawls rather than moving independently. Military experts stated that at the expense of such a transfer, the Iranian military took care of preserving the life of the combat vehicles and provided a greater level of security during movement.

The emergence of modern efficient systems was a response to the strengthening of US naval activity in the region. As follows from the American data, now in the Arabian Sea there is a strike group of ships. It is headed by the nuclear aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" with 90 aircraft on board, and a few hundred kilometers from Iran are American strategic bombers, regularly flying around the Iranian borders.

In the Armed Forces of Iran there is a fairly large group of air defense. True, its main part is obsolete complexes. Only C-300PMU2 and Tor-М1 SAM systems correspond to modern requirements. The national defense industry of the country has created its air defense models, however, they have not yet passed the finishing stage and are inferior to Russian-made equipment.