Cancellation of Dobrolet flights


Dobrolet stops flights from 4 August due to EU sanctions

Russian loukost-carrier "Dobrolet"Since August 4 completely ceases to flights within the Russian Federation.

As the official information posted on the website of the Russian airline "Dobrolet" temporary cessation of all air travel in the territory of Russia is connected with the cancellation of the contract of leasing of passenger airliners Boeing 737-800 because the entered sanctions by the European Union.

As representatives of "Dobrolet" airlines, none of the passengers had already priobrovshih flights on the route Moscow - Volgograd - Moscow and Moscow - Simferopol - Moscow will not be affected, and all the people will be transported on passenger aircraft of Russian airline "Orenburg airlines».

It should be noted that the carrier emphasizes that the cancellation of flights is a temporary measure, and in the next few weeks, the company can once again begin to carry out their missions.


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