Airbase of Tijas


C-400 and Pantsir-S? The mysterious An-124 flight to Syria attracted the attention of specialists

The unusual flight of the Russian An-124 to Syria attracted the attention of specialists.

This afternoon, satellite images were captured by, which captured the Russian military transport aircraft An-124, located at the Syrian airbase "Tiyas". Judging by the situation in the photograph, loading and unloading operations are carried out here, however, the “cargo” itself has caused a lot of controversy among specialists.

In the photographs presented it is very difficult to understand what kind of cargo we are talking about, however, experts have paid attention to the fact that this is not the transportation of airplanes, which was previously reported. According to preliminary estimates, we can talk about air defense systems, which are supposed to be deployed at Tijas airbase.

Moreover, analysts drew attention to the vehicle of great length, located on the taxiway of the airbase, which in terms of dimensions corresponds to the C-400 Triumph mobile launch vehicle. However, the vehicle located in close proximity to the military transport An-124, recalls ZRPK "Pantsir-S."

It should be clarified that no information was provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the transportation of air defense weapons to Syria.