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S-400 at the Khmeimim airbase covered Iranian aircraft

Israel cannot attack Iranian aircraft for fear of a Russian S-400 strike.

Over the past few weeks, Israel has not been able to openly attack Iranian military transport aircraft, which are actively deploying certain weapons to Syria. The reason for this is the fact that Iranian military transport planes land at the Russian military base Hmeimim, being protected by S-400 - any provocation from Tel Aviv will be immediately stopped, and an attempt to strike at a Russian military airfield will result in a return strike on any Israeli military base.

According to open monitoring resources, after. As Iranian military aircraft landed at the Russian military airbase twice during the week, Israel never dared to strike at the Iranian military. Any reckless action of Tel Aviv can result in a very serious conflict with Russia, including a tactical missile strike, on the territory of Israel, in the event of an Israeli military aircraft attacking the military airfield of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Latakia.

“Israel is aware that any provocation against Russia can result in very big problems. In fact, Russia will not conduct any dialogue with Israel, and any threat to the Russian military will be immediately eliminated - there are enough weapons at the Khmeimim airbase to nip dozens of Israeli military aircraft if Tel Aviv suddenly thinks about its impunity. ”, - the expert marks.

However, analysts argue that Israel is unlikely to stop there and continue its aggression against Iran and Syria.

Israel itself has turned into a fascist country, is seizing foreign territories, bombing other countries.

and Israel is not an accomplice of terrorists? painfully many weapons of their production were found in the militants ig! and don’t worry, when the Jews do not decide to attack our base, the consequences will be too difficult for them!

But nothing, that Russia is the defender of Syria against Israeli terrorism? Silent would be better commander sofa.

Is Russia "... an accomplice of Iranian terrorism," or not, as well as, "... It will be attacked" or not. It is not in your competence. It’s just your opinion ... But it’s one thing to say something and something completely different to do (or, more specifically, attack, knowing that no one will be almond and the answer will be guaranteed).

Russia will be an opponent of Israeli terrorism, and an opponent of Israeli aggression against the sovereign state of Syria.

As if flying to bomb the London Luftwaffe, refueled at our airfields. This is a direct kirdyk.

If it is true that this article is written. So Russia is an accomplice of Iranian terrorism. Will be attacked too.