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S-400 in China are in full combat readiness due to provocation of Indian fighters

China has brought the S-400 to full combat readiness, preparing to attack Indian aircraft in case of the first border violation

The provocative flights of Indian fighters along the Chinese border and approaching it at a distance of only a few kilometers, forced China to put into full combat readiness the S-400 Triumph SAMs acquired not so long ago from Russia. The latter, according to analysts from the PRC, will attack Indian combat aircraft in the event that for some reason the pilots of the Indian Air Force violate the airspace of China in the disputed region of Ladakh.

According to Chinese media, Indian combat aircraft carry out provocative flights 2-3 times a day near the Chinese border, against which China was forced to fully alert its latest S-400 air defense systems, preparing to give them their first combat use, about which, however, has previously been reported.

According to currently available information, the PRC authorities have sent a warning to India that provocative flights near the borders of China will be immediately stopped, and, obviously, the S-400 acquired earlier from Russia will become just a means to destroy Indian combat aircraft.

Earlier it was reported that a couple of Chinese Su-35 fighters were also seen in this area, however, later, in the PRC they chose to go the other way, and only warned India about the immediate consequences.