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C-500 "Prometheus" will hit targets even high in space

The creator of the C-500 spoke about the work of the system in space.

Sergey Druzin, First Deputy Director General of the VKO Almaz-Antey Concern, told RIA Novosti that C-500 has a broader range of targets. It can be used to fight "with ballistic missiles of all types." Drusin said that this required an increase in the power of radar facilities and "create new missiles capable of working outside the atmosphere where aerodynamic control is impossible."

Prometheus is equipped with active phased antenna arrays that do not require transmitting devices. Scanning signal creates AFAR. She accepts and analyzes it. In addition, one antenna can create multiple rays. Due to this, several targets are maintained. Beam control is carried out without turning the antenna. In addition, a phased antenna requires much less energy, and this is very important for homing missiles.

In open sources, you can find information that the Prometheus long-range air defense / missile defense system is capable of intercepting targets at a distance of 600 kilometers. In addition to the ability to destroy warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles, the specialization of Prometheus will be the narrow specialization of individual blocks. Each type of target (aircraft, satellite, cruise or ballistic missiles) will be monitored by its own radar. Each will be destroyed by specialized means. The C-500 will be integrated with other missile defense systems: the anti-aircraft missile system, the Nudol A-235, interceptor planes, the C-400 and C-300 air defense systems.