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On December 9 open flights from Abakan to Manchuria

From Abakan to Manchuria it will be possible to fly from 9 December.

According to official information received from the press service of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Khakassia, it became known that the first passenger flight from Abakan to Manchuria will be made in December 9 2015 years, with, flights will be carried out on aircraft of airline "IrAero."

According to some reports, the Russian airline passenger aircraft will follow from Novosibirsk to Abakan, after which the flight will be sent to Manchuria. airfare time from Abakan to Manchuria around 2,5 hours and airfare will cost passengers in the amount of RUR 12380.

Will the new flights popular among Russian citizens, experts at the moment, for various reasons, do not undertake to comment.


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