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American Airlines wants to collect $ 3,4 million for damaged dress

A US citizen filed a lawsuit against American Airlines for a spoiled wedding dress.

At present it is known that an American hired a wedding dress and went to Jamaica, while, when buying a ticket, the woman assured that she will be able to hang your dress in the closet in the cabin of the aircraft, however, when boarding the flight, the flight attendant refused to This service, citing the fact that the cabinet is intended only for use by crew members. Deciding not to bring the situation to the conflict, the woman put her dress on the luggage rack, however, after arriving in Jamaica, she found that the dress was smeared with red wine, and therefore sued the airline for an amount of 3,4 million dollars.

Experts believe that is unlikely to win the case was an American, because, in fact, it can not prove the fact that the dress in the beginning it was in good condition.