10 bombers disappeared from the Dyagilevo airbase after the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

After the Ukrainian attack on the Dyagilevo air base, 10 bombers disappeared from the military airfield.

Spacecraft recorded a significant decrease in the number of long-range and strategic bombers at the Dyagilevo air base near Ryazan. This happened after the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched an attack on a military airfield, using an unmanned aerial vehicle for this.

It is known that at least one Tu-22M3 long-range bomber was damaged after the attack on the Dyagilevo airfield, however, what happened to other aircraft that are not on satellite images is unknown. According to a number of assumptions, we can talk about moving the bombers to other military facilities in order to avoid a second attack from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Satellite images show that a number of long-range bombers remain here, however, the location of other aircraft that were present here a few days ago is unknown.

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that Russian military bases are closely monitored.


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