On Chukotka Aviamuzey Engels transported a unique fighter.


On Chukotka Aviamuzey Engels transported a unique fighter.

October 23 it became known that the MiG-19 fighter will be transported to the Saratov region, where it will be placed in the Engels long-range aviation museum. The fighter stood in the Chukchi settlement of the Coal Mines 36 for years, during which time it became one of the small number of surviving copies of this model in Russia.

"Commander of long-distance aviation of the Russian Air Force Anatoly Zhikharev during his recent visit to Chukotka decided to remove MiG-19 from the pedestal in the abandoned part of the village of Ugolny Kopi in order to avoid looting and destroying the unique machine and transferring it to Engels for restoration and placement in the long-range aviation museum ", The source said.

Employees of the company "Planum" started dismantling the aircraft, which at the moment does not yet have the official status of the monument.

Residents of the village, in which the ship was previously, appealed to the governor with a request to leave the MiG-19 in Chukotka. They want to restore the fighter and place in the district airport.