Two bronze propellers weighing 13 tons were stolen from the destroyer "Restless" of the Russian Navy

The commander of the destroyer "Restless" stole two bronze propellers weighing 13 tons.

Experts managed to establish the fact of serious theft of 13 tons of bronze from the Russian destroyer. As it became known, we are talking about two bronze propellers of a warship, which, according to investigators, were stolen by the commander of a warship.

It is known that the theft of two bronze propellers occurred during the presence of the destroyer "Restless" at the shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad, moreover, in order to hide the fact of the loss of 13 tons of bronze, and the damage was about 39 million rubles cheaper metal propellers are installed.

At the moment, the Russian destroyer is not a combat vehicle designed to perform the assigned tasks - after the conversion in 2018, the ship became a museum, however, the very fact of theft received a very large response.

Investigators are conducting a check in order to identify the accomplices of the former destroyer commander, since he could not independently steal two bronze screws directly from the territory of the shipyard.

There are no other details on this score yet.

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