On the move right on target: Russian warships fired non-stop artillery attacks

Russian warships have demonstrated the ability to hit coastal targets on the go.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published unique video footage of training Russian naval sailors, which depicts the work of Russian warships - missile cruisers Peter the Great and Marshal Ustinov of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy went to the Barents Sea and successfully shot at targets on the coast that simulated positional areas of the enemy. Shooting from artillery installations was carried out on the move, however, this fact did not prevent the Russian military from demonstrating the first-class results of its training.

The presented footage depicts the attacks of Russian missile cruisers, which very much impressed the audience, who paid special attention to the fact that the artillery attacks fell in the same area, which indicates that the Russian fleet is ready to confront any enemy in the event of occurrence of this need.

It should be noted that at the same time there was information about the deployment of the Russian Navy forces in the northern part of the country, and, according to some reports, combat aircraft also took part in the exercises, the deployment, obviously, is relatively close to the NATO exercises from the border with Russia.