Helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations


All residents evacuate from the place of the explosion of the mysterious Russian rocket

Residents of Nenoksy reported evacuation after an unknown rocket explosion.

According to the data provided by the resource 29.ru, residents of the village of Nyonoksa are evacuated from the area of ​​the explosion of an unknown rocket by a specially designated train. Evacuation concerns absolutely all residents of a given settlement.

“Residents of Nenoksy told 29.RU that in the morning of August 14 they were evacuated from the village. From the local military unit they received information that on this day it is necessary to be absent from the village from 5 to 7 in the morning. Especially for this, a train will be sent from the Nenoksa station, which will take people away from the village for the duration of work at the training ground. ”- reports information resource.

It is not known what exactly the evacuation is connected with, however, according to the residents themselves, we can talk about a planned event, which, incidentally. so far no official comments have been found.

Earlier it became known that a sharp increase in the level of radiation was recorded in Severodvinsk, however, according to current data, the radiation background in the region is within normal limits.

According to leading analysts, the cause of the explosion at a military facility of the Russian Navy is a failed test of the latest missile with the Burevestnik nuclear power plant.