Since the beginning of the NMD, Ukrainian troops have lost 5412 tanks and armored combat vehicles

In seven months of the NMD, Ukrainian troops lost almost 5,5 thousand tanks and armored combat vehicles.

Such information follows from the data provided by the Russian defense department. The loss of such a colossal amount of armored vehicles points to the fact that the Ukrainian armed forces are unlikely to be able to organize any significant offensive, since even with the supply of weapons from other countries, the Ukrainian army is unlikely to be able to recoup such large losses.

To date, it is not known for certain how many tanks and other armored combat vehicles are in service with Ukraine, however, only as part of the latest deliveries of military equipment, the United States announced that they intend to transfer 200 International MaxxPro armored vehicles to Ukrainian troops, and also intend to achieve the transfer to Ukraine one thousand tanks.

Given the statistics on the loss of military equipment, today other countries could transfer to Ukraine over 3 thousand tanks and armored combat vehicles, i.e., much more than the amount that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had at their disposal before the start of the JMD. This indicates active support from NATO.


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