Yars intercontinental ballistic missile launched from Plesetsk

At the Plesetsk cosmodrome, a combat training launch of the Yars mobile-based solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile was successfully carried out. This launch was carried out as part of testing to confirm the tactical, technical and flight characteristics of the missile system. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that all assigned tasks were completed in full, which indicates the high reliability and efficiency of the Yars missile system.

The Yars missile system is a modern weapon capable of delivering nuclear warheads over intercontinental distances. Its mobile deployment option allows for high maneuverability and evasion of enemy missile defense systems. Carrying out such launches demonstrates not only the technical serviceability of the system, but also the preparedness of military units to carry out strategic deterrence missions.

The successful test of the Yars missile confirms Russia's desire to maintain and strengthen its nuclear potential as part of ensuring national security and strategic balance in the world.


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