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Three passengers were removed from the JetBlue flight

American family removed from the flight to Las Vegas, because the cream cake.

As it became known, when the airline «JetBlue» flight to Las Vegas, from the aircraft three passengers were taken - a woman and her two children. As later became known to the crew of the American airline fell not like the fact that the cream cake, which was carrying with him the family had been left on the shelf for luggage, however, and after he was placed under the seat, it is also not satisfied with the flight attendants, as a consequence, on board the aircraft, police officers have been invited, and who escorted passengers from the flight.

Official comments from the American Airlines «JetBlue» currently not followed, however, it is obvious that it will lead to yet another scandal.

I do not know what they do not like cream cake with cherries over the same charm especially for children probably looked so appetizing that the flight attendant was taken for a bomb is not it ...



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