Start of a rocket


Missiles launched from Syria across Israel

Israel announced the launch of missiles from Syria.

Israeli officials made a statement that several missiles were fired from southern Syria over Israel tonight. According to some reports, the missiles were fired by pro-Iranian formations, but no evidence was provided that rocket fire did take place.

“Damascus is responsible for any actions that take place in Syria”- said the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Israel.

It is noteworthy that Syrian sources report the absence of missile launch and the inaction of Israeli missile defense systems, which may mean that the information provided by the IDF is a provocation, the purpose of which could be a “retaliatory” attack on Syria.

Russian military representatives do not comment on Israeli rocket attacks, although missile launch would almost certainly have been recorded by air defense and missile defense systems.

If rocket fire did take place, then experts do not exclude that the reason for this could be the invasion of an Israeli drone, which they tried to shoot down, which, incidentally, happened tonight on the Lebanese-Israeli border.