Russian Aerospace Forces Syria


Turkish military attacked two Russian military helicopters in northern Syria

Russian helicopters were attacked from Turkish territory over northern Syria.

Several rockets were fired from Turkish territory at two Russian helicopters patrolling the area in the Syrian province of Hasaka. The attack was carried out from the Turkish-Syrian border area, when the Russian military tried to prevent the Turkish military from attacking the territory of the settlement of Al-Dardara, located north of the city of Tel Tamr. Information on this matter is provided by the Syrian news agency North Press Agency.

“According to local residents, they saw two Russian helicopters attacking strange objects in the sky above N of the item. Al-Dardara, 4 km north of the city of Tel Tamr. Meanwhile, a source in the Tel Tamr Military Council said that Turkish forces and opposition groups loyal to them fired artillery shells at the village of Al-Dardara at about three o'clock in the afternoon. He added: "During the Turkish bombing raids, two Russian helicopters hovered over this area before they were attacked by Turkish troops." The source pointed out that the missiles prompted the two helicopters to use heat traps as a defensive measure before changing course and returning to the launch site at Al Mabaker station north of the city. The North Press Agency journalist tried to contact the Russian base for clarification, but the Russian military refused to comment on the situation. "- сообщает Syrian news agency.

The news agency did manage to find out that Russian helicopters were spotted today over the Syrian province of Hasaka, and Turkish forces attacked the Tel Tamra area. There are still no details regarding the attack on the Russian Aerospace Forces helicopters.

If the information about the Turkish attack on Russian helicopters is confirmed, the Russian side will begin powerful bombing of the Turkish military throughout Syria, and the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan will be canceled altogether.

Putin will not allow the bombing of HIS PARTNER's forces even before the start of negotiations. incl. it is better to silently answer "the absence of Turks among the attacked terrorists"

We need to give Turkey a loan so that they buy another air defense regiment from Russia for free.

I hope this "incident" will not go unnoticed and our VKS will not be able to restrain themselves from rash actions.