Sabah: Russia and Syria thwarted Turkish attack on Tel Rifat with unique tactics

In Tel Rifat, the Turkish offensive was held back thanks to unique tactics.

After Turkey announced that it would continue its military operation in northern Syria despite the fact that Russia categorically opposes it, it became known that the Russian military, the SAA forces and the Kurds used a unique tactic that did not allow the Turkish military to launch an offensive against one of the key cities in northern Syria.

According to the Turkish Sabah, the Syrian and Russian military (the Russian side does not officially confirm this information - ed.), left Tel Rifat, however, the Kurdish formations raised Russian and Syrian flags over the previously occupied facilities, thereby by demonstrating to Ankara that any unjustified offensive step creates the risk that the Turkish army could attack the Russian military, and this will definitely have serious consequences for Turkey and the militants controlled by it.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces militias are currently stationed alone in the city of Tel Rifat, but they have raised Syrian and Russian flags at a number of military points. This is a very decisive move by Russia in Tel Rifat as it has withdrawn its forces along with the Syrian army forces that were stationed in the area along with the Syrian Democratic Forces militia.”- сообщает Turkish edition of Sabah.

Any attack by Turkey on Tel Rifat will create very serious risks for Ankara, since in fact, the presence of the Russian military in the region has been indicated. This will mean that Ankara is deliberately showing aggression against Russia.