Sabreen News: Iranian drones successfully destroyed NATO strongholds near Odessa

Iranian drones attacked NATO strongholds near Odessa.

According to the Iranian media, the drones that took part in the attacks on objects in the Odessa region are Iranian. The latter were allegedly used to destroy NATO strongholds and could probably be used to hunt high-ranking NATO and US officers, who, as previously stated, are located on the territory of Odessa and in a number of other cities in Ukraine.

According to the Iranian publication Sabreen News, the drones were successfully used and were able to destroy NATO strongholds in the Odessa region. Moreover, what is very remarkable, in doing so, Iranian journalists refuted the arguments of the Ukrainian military about the allegedly successful interception of kamikaze drones, although there are video frames showing hits on Iranian UAVs.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the Iranian drones are actually used by the Russian military, as the Iranian publication claims, however, the Russian side has not officially confirmed the use of Iranian drones, and therefore, the statements of the Iranian media in this regard are false.


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