Antonov An-225 «Mriya" moved the cars.


Antonov An-225 «Mriya" moved the cars.

December 8 2013. Carry two trams took up Chinese production company "Antonov Airlines". The plane transported the goods to Turkey (Samsun) of China (Shijiazhuang). Dimensions of the car 20.04 2.88 x x 3.60 35 m and weight tons.

For transportation of such a large cargo we decided to use the largest transport ship - En-225 «Mriya". The length of the cargo compartment of the 43 aircraft meter. Specialists have developed special equipment in order to transport wagons at a time. Flight time was 10 hours, the cargo was delivered on time, without any delay.

Antonov An-225 «Mriya" for the first time carrying the load in such a weight, but coped well.